Monday, June 7, 2021

Are You On The Twin Flame Path?

I have been studying, researching soul mates and twin flames for 30 years. But my path started way before. 

This path... is a spiritual path, not a Twin Flame path. What does this mean? It means committing to a life where my body, mind, and soul works in unison to partner with the Transcendent force of the universe. In so doing, my twin flame and I are reunited to further our soul's purpose, and ascend even further toward the transcendent. 

Over the course of a few years, the twin Flame connection has become very popular but at the same time, this sacred bond has become bastardized (lower in quality).

And Now, Soul Mates are even a lower quality. But in reality, it should be the Common Karmic Relationship as the lower quality not a Soul Mate! As Plato would say, Celestial love is much older than Common love!

Celestial love is Celestial love! 

"I wish more people understood just how extraordinary recognizing a soul mate really is." 

Chris and I are the pioneers of true soul mates. Learn from our experience. Chris and I couldn't be together because we were both messed up egos, but our souls are so close. Words cannot describe, the intensity of a true soul mate connection. This connection blows away the ordinary-the karmic relationship. 

Do You Want the Authentic Soul Mate/Twin Flame Experience?

Be Inspired by Chris and Serena’s Story.

Chris and Serena’s Souls are so close, almost like one soul, their Love is Second only to the Love of their other halves -the Twin Flame.

May the “eyes” of Charismatic Connection, be a Window to Your Own Authentic Soul Mate Experience. 

Serena Jade

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