Monday, June 7, 2021

Are You On The Twin Flame Path?

I've been identified with the scapegoat complex, what this roughly means I lived outside society's norms. I studied psychological and esoteric wisdom at a profound level for 30 years. This is where I teach, and take you through the process, which actually is a system of remembering your soul. But it is also uniting your human nature with your soul, making the full integrated person. Understood by the hidden societies of the past. I have been studying, researching soul mates and twin flames for 30 years. But my path started way before. 

This path... is a spiritual path, not a Twin Flame path. What does this mean? It means committing to a life where  body, mind, and soul works in unison; uniting the ego and soul to partner with the Transcendent force of the universe. 

In so doing, you and your twin flame are reunited to further your soul's purpose, and ascend even further toward the transcendent. 

Omnism is an acceptance that no one religion is truth, but truth is found within them all. Religions on the deepest level are to bring us back to ourselves, in relation to our ego, soul, and the transcendent force, this in turn will bring us back to humanity!

A spiritual path means opening up to all the world's religions. To all the world's religions, and their esoteric wisdom, and connect with them all. For me, there is one religion, that I deeply connect with more than the others, and that would be Judaism. 

There is a sense of oneness that needs to happen, your ego, soul, body, and the Divine force are one, and for me I get that sense of oneness from Judaism. I grew up Catholic and I officially converted. 

Do you know about the world's religions? 

Did you know the world's religions have an esoteric counterpart to them that speaks to the Divine Feminine? 

Religion comes from the Latin - meaning to bring us back to our Divine origin. All religions have a esoteric (hidden) component to them, this is known as the inner spiritual traditions of a particular faith. 

When someone embarks on the esoteric path, they are mystics. This is not about belief, this is about self-knowledge, which leads them to remember their soul, and the Transcendent Force of the Universe. 

To be able to recognize the soul in another, is the path of the mystics.

Plato and the Reverence toward the Transcendent Force of the Universe in relation to our soul's counterpart.

Ultimately..."That if we conduct ourselves with reverence towards the gods, then he will restore us to our original nature, healed and blessed with perfect happiness."-Excerpt from Symposium

The famous psychic Edgar Cayce agrees, soul mates/twin flames are regular relationships between people who possess an extraordinary [charismatic] connection. Mr. Cayce goes on to say the story of soul mates/twin flames is really the story of spiritual awakening. For this reason, ultimately our search for soul mates/twin flames is really a search for God.

The ego finally makes the unity with your soul, and brings together your human nature with your spiritual essence-YOU COMPLETE YOU!
The reunion with our other half [of our Divine nature] will be our mirror and we don't own the mirror, we regard the reflection with great awe and devotion!

Two separate complete individuals, mirroring their Divine qualities and becoming greater and stronger together!

Check Out this article by Serena Jade...

Soul Mates and Twin Flames grow out of a Spiritual Journey. Soul Mates and Twin Flames are a gift of the journey.

“The end of Pisces is the time of balancing a lot of karma, and that's why people's thinking about relationships has radically changed in recent decades—because people have had a need to interact and to settle old scores and to keep on searching to find the highest complementary expression of their being in the quest of the spiritual path.” -Elizabeth Clare Prophet 

Over the course of a few years, the twin Flame connection has become very popular but at the same time, this sacred bond has become bastardized (lower in quality). Soul Mates and Twin Flames are meant for the New Age, not for mainstream society.

And Now because mainstream society made Soul Mates ordinary, Soul Mates are considered a lower quality than a Twin Flame. But in reality, it should be the Common Karmic Relationship as the lower quality, not a Soul Mate! As Plato would say, Celestial love is much older than Common love!

Celestial love is Celestial love! 

 "I wish more people understood just how extraordinary recognizing a soul you've loved for eons, (a soul mate) really is." 

Chris and I are the pioneers of true soul mates. Learn from our experience. Words cannot describe, the intensity of a true soul mate connection. This connection blows away the ordinary-the karmic relationship. 


Do You Want the Authentic Soul Mate/Twin Flame Experience?

Be Inspired by Chris and Serena’s Story.

Chris and Serena’s Souls are so close, almost like one soul, their Love is Second only to the Love of their other halves -the Twin Flame.

May the “eyes” of Charismatic Connection, be a Window to Your Own Authentic Soul Mate Experience. 

Serena Jade

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