Monday, October 11, 2021

How Serena Jade Earned Her Wisdom and Experience

How I earned my wisdom and experience:

The start of my initiation came when I was ten years old. Yes, 10, I was born to a full-blown narcissistic mother, and I was on the brink of killing myself. Either I was going down or I was going to survive. I tapped into my passion, which was my father’s passion which actually was our soul’s past life love. Yes, my father was a soul mate.

My passion led me to cross paths with a very close soul mate. You are probably thinking soul mates are not a deep and profound eternal love, but they are!

I stopped crossing paths with my very close soul mate. And at that moment, my father died, and was deeply distraught. I started to question life and death. How can we be here for a short amount of time and that’s it?

I was in psychotherapy understanding the dysfunction I was brought up with. Now, I am on a journey to transformation my ego, and remember my soul. I started to study and resonate with deep psychological, and spiritual mystical leanings, and around the same time my very close soul mate was too.

That soul mate, whom I spent years crossing paths with, is now in my dreams at a recurring rate. I question why is he in my dreams? I now have knowledge of Twin Souls as I personally like to use. Because that term, resonated with me after my profound spiritual awakening from my life changing trips to Egypt.

Dawn’s early light is chasing away the full moon. The sky is swirling with pale clouds infused with vivid tints of pink and purple. The sands of the Sahara are engulfing me with a magical gift of love for our world. The richness of this ancient land is awakening my soul to a long-past memory. The pebbles of the desert are intoxicating me with feelings that are overwhelming, knowing that a part of me has been here before.

I was remembering my own soul and, becoming initiated to the Transcendent force of the universe.

After a profound charismatic intervention, I now think that soul mate, who I spent years crossing paths with is my Twin Soul. This is the story of my book, Charismatic Connection, you might want to read it.

What the both of us had to endure was a soul ripping time. You see, karma prevents Soul Mates and Twin Flames to be together.  Karma is a word that says, what is preventing you to unite your ego with your soul. Karma puts the responsibility into your own doing. How are you going to set it right?  

My books, courses and consultations help one transform your ego, to unite with your soul-understood by all the esoteric wisdom throughout the ages. This transformation can unite you with your soul mates and twin Flame.

How serious are you, to let me be your guide on this spiritual journey to unite your ego and soul? -

So, you can be blessed to unite with your soul mates and twin flame.

Are you ready to work with me to set your Karma right?

Serena Jade


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