Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Did You Know There Is A Force More Powerful Than Free Will?

"I used to believe that people determined their own lives. We were in control, commanding our futures, choosing our spouses, picking professions, responsible for the decisions that shape the course of our lives. Yet there is one force more powerful than free will... our unconscious."- Netflix's Gypsy

The purpose of psychoanalysis is to dive into the unconscious. A good therapist, will help the patient make their unconscious, conscious. However, as a society we are so consumed with taking a drug, rather than uncovering our unconscious. 

Just like the line from the Netflix series Gypsy, there is one force more powerful than free will...

It doesn't matter if we take a pill or not, our unconscious is always there directing our lives, whether we like it or not.

"Consequently, the crystal clear message appears to be that fate, destiny, decisions, and human behavior cannot be understood without taking the unconscious psychological process into account."-Rabbi Berg- To The Power of One.

"No individual can ever achieve a completed phase of Tshuvah (A Return), where the individual comes into total control of his fate and destiny, unless he becomes knowledgeable of the unconscious root psychological processes of the soul, along with the knowledge of former lifetimes."-Rabbi Luria-The Gates of Reincarnation.  

"Until we make the unconscious, conscious it will direct our lives and we will call it fate."-Carl Jung

Do you have the courage to go down the rabbit hole and into your unconscious?

Serena Jade

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